Government Life.

“While government officials live a very opulent life,
global travels are frequent, the responsibilities are very high!
Many see the life style of political life as one where citizens
have a right to be critical and judgmental of their roles in
government. Yet we forget: GOVERNMENT IS GOVERNED BY PEOPLE! We
must fight today to help improve the rights of citizens; and yes
politicians generally are not serving the publics needs as well as
they can. But that is why there are citizens needing to live by
choosing peace and creating efficient programs thus enhancing
effective relationships with others. Again, Though too many
governments choose war, we as citizens must choose peace. Even Our
current government must become more transparent. Lies, greed
ceasing to tell the Real Truth is one of the gravest problems of
all governments in this world. But corruption in government cannot
be faulted, on solely those in office. It is a system that has to
be questioned! Today, more thought provoking, universal principles
must be put into place. A new universal constitution that enhances
all of humanity, and all nation on this planet Earth.” Loving
thoughts, Peter Sammarco.


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