Relationships With Others.

As we mature we learn how important it is to be able to
walk in someone else’s shoes first. Many times we are unable to
understand the idiosyncrasies of another until we have walked with
them several kilometers or more years together. As a dear friend
has shares this message, The Native American Indian proverb says:
“Do not criticize your neighbor until you have walked a mile in
their moccasins.” —Peter Sammarco


6 Responses to “Relationships With Others.”

  1. George Says:

    Last time we spoke you shared this great idea that it’s easy to criticize another but it take discipline to see the good in others.

  2. steviecurry Says:

    I like this very much, Peter. xoxo

  3. Wayne Says:

    You are catching on fire Peter. What you have gone through only confirms your genius. Great words ! See you soon

  4. Valerie Says:

    I belong to the Beaver Clan, L’htsumisyoo, Carrier Nation and I was brought up in the potlatch way. We’re taught never to be disrespectful in any way to another person. The highest criticism anyone could receive is to have an elder ask: “Why do you act like you have no family?” We were taught to always be kindhearted to another. My grandmother Monique used to say: “Never forget where you came from, you may have to go there again one day”. So I find it easy to remember what it was like to be hungry, afraid, cold and alone and it humbles me. So thank you so much for sharing Peter.

  5. Kim Petrigo Says:

    You are an angel…truly
    Thank you Peter

  6. Michele Lacoste Says:


    thanks for the reminder to remain nonjudgemental and to always remember we don’t know fully what is going on in peoples lives so we should never criticize or pass judgement but be accepting

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