Increasing Our Awareness.

“Our main purpose here is to help increase our own
Level of Awareness, thus increasing the ether around us.

When a movie
improves the lives of millions then a director has done his job
well. Even when one person does an act coming from love or also
known as a high level of inner peace, he or she Is immediately
elevation the consciousness of those around them, in thought,
action or even presence in a room. We all have this power. Let’s
increase the level awareness of this one power, one mind, one
spirit that is always perfect and always surrounding us in this
eternal universe of love, compassion and inner peace of all whose
choice is to see it in themselves; to share these facts openly to
all of humanity now and forevermore.” –Peter Sammarco.


One Response to “Increasing Our Awareness.”

  1. Michele Says:

    Pietro ,

    thanks for the reminder

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