By changing ourselves and our perception of others, we change the world forever.

You ever heard the saying the truth will set you free?

Then why do we impose truth on anything if it only increases in force?

Where there is force we know there is a counter force; yet have we
forgotten our greater potential?

And yes we all have greater
potential it’s just sometimes other teachers or people believe they
are not able to see it because of their fear to be alone.

In the end, those whose’s destiny is to seek truth must know this vital

Real change never happens by changing the world or by
optimistic, yes we can, propaganda and brain washing.
Real change never really ever happens until one openly and honestly and
sincerely with all their heart mind and soul, changes inside how we
seek to see ourselves.

Real changes is, of course, WITHIN all of us,
& we all ARE SEEKING AND seeing ourselves different and more powerful from
LOOKING within.

INSIDE OF US IS EVERY ANSWER. The ether the air proves all
the answers to anything and everything.
The internal power we all have can very well, be increased and create a critical mass, as it
is now, even calculating our level of consciousness.

Thus as we change our perception of ourselves we are changing the world
forever. By changing our perception of others we all change. Real
change is us. We are all divine.

It’s just some of us are not actually playing the cards right. And thus viewing the world
changes us. But if we do not fall when all others say we are wrong
then by following ones true nature we seek to find the real answers
that are changing us all forever.

It is inside of us all to seek real profound changes. Inside of us all is a great genius and
inside of us is every answer and together with our changed
perception of the world we all Are changing the world, by creating
and changing ourselves forever.

The transformation has begun and it is here now, clairvoyance; we all, already have inside of us all,
being passed on from generation to generation. the wings of freedom
to choose our destiny: we all have becoming great wings of

As Buddha once said, “the mind is everything; what you
think you become.” So if we all know we are DIVINE, as all the laws
state then we begin to know that in the end we are all one: As

We are One
The blue sky
Way up high
Is one with us
Shine and fly.
Wrap your
In beauty and see
In the end
It is all within.
We are One.

We are all Gods.

We all create change in this world by not changing
it; but by wanting & being the perception of change inside
of ourselves. We are the change that begins within ourselves right
now. Changing our world is all about changing ourselves and our
perception of the world. We create change by changing ourselves.
How we perceive change, changes ourselves, AND THE WORLD WE LIVE IN.

— Peter Sammarco.

(The poem, we are one can be found on page 15, of THE FIVE PILLARS OF


One Response to “By changing ourselves and our perception of others, we change the world forever.”

  1. Michele Says:

    Agree 100 percent

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