When we begin to be Awake.

We are beginning to realize that all of our teachings of true nature are abiding light-awareness residing inside of each of us.

Today on December 25th the roman empires choice of Christmas, is only one day. But to live in God consciousness is to see our true nature found in each one of us.

Buddha who arrived in/on the scene about 500 years before Christ had some earth shattering views; breaking away from India and it’s Hindu and caste system. Still this system exists in Canada the west and especially in the great America’s where they, the United States was founded by revolutions vs Canada’s evolution.

Point being here is this:

If we know that god is really residing in each one of us, what is the point of all these churches and symphonies of different types of temples of worship?
Well mostly for fellowship and to meet others in your own community. But truly a great place of inner peace is found in our own homes: our own hearts, souls and inner spirit of compassion, empathy Love and most important today and forever a greater understanding of forgiveness.

—Peter Sammarco.
PS Merry Christmas to all and may you be blessed with the understanding of one mans great teachings collaborating with all of the other million faiths surrounding us all with different truths yet one peaceful messiah called: the kingdom of Heaven resides inside both you & I. Forever & Ever.
God loves all of us, and so do I.


One Response to “When we begin to be Awake.”

  1. Sheila Laureta Says:

    precious..thank you..mrrry christmas and a happy new year

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