Question about Democracy.

How can one have a Democracy without a fully Informed public?
The answer is simple. A democracy will never function to be real or true unless we have a fully informed public. And what do we have in North America?
-Peter Sammarco.


6 Responses to “Question about Democracy.”

  1. Erzsebet Says:

    Fully informed public…
    It is contradiction in terms…The ammount of information inmation us as endless, therefore one cannot be fully informed.
    Very subjective as well, plus many just don’t want to know anything about the surrounding world, simply they do not care.
    Furthermore, all those who questions the otherwise not too bad democracy, (obviously relative level…) should have lived in Eastern European countries for decades or should go for example to Tibet to get real ideas about democracy and the complete lack of it.
    I bet from that prespective ,the poor level of democracy’ in Western societies would be

  2. Erzsebet Says:

    The correct sentence is The ammunt of information around us is endless…
    Please, correct it if you decide to publish it.

  3. al loomis Says:

    the swiss have a democracy, more or less. no one else. doesn’t matter what you know, unless you can use the knowledge to affect your society.

    until you get citizen initiative, you are not a citizen.

  4. Erzsebet Says:

    Why do you think the Swiss have the democracy?
    Have you been there at all? I know the country rather well, been there several times… In terms of democracy I would not say it is better or worse than any Western society…!

  5. Peter Sammarco Says:

    Yes you are right, a citizens initiative is Necessary Al. Thank you for your insight and love for your country…. I can See you are enjoying life with your family on your sail boat. All love to you and your wise insight.

    Peter Sammarco

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