Criminal Records….& Running for Office.

More than 2/3 of all Convicted Criminals WORK in Some form of Political Life….Convicted Criminals!

Think about this:

There are CRIMINAL Checks for those wanting to Work in Community Centres or Volunteers for example for the Olympics, BUT ,Yes, there is NO, Criminal Checks for Politicians.

VERY Clear here; we have a current government that WANTS to Be tough on CRIME, Yet 2/3 of ALL WHO HOLD office are convicted Criminals themselves, WHO KNOW there is MORE MONEY in GOVERNMENT than in a BANK!

So why do you think, these same people, running office and say, “THEY”, meaning the Little People of lower Class, Know nothing about real TAXES.

We know that most positions, help us Universe, are ones that must become VACANT for those who really want to help the People and this Planet as well.

Hence, people say, they do not know where they will die, but for now they will live in this Country.
My Guess is they will Die here on Earth.

Nonetheless, before we go any further, we must begin to BECOME AWARE of the “REAL politicians” as was made CLEAR, many thousands of years ago, SHOULD NOT BE PAID for working in political Office.


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