Knowing Who we Are…Is Knowing it is within….

“If thou canst but believe—

All thing are possible
To him who believes.”

In knowing this we CAN begin the Journey, Knowing we are Gods.



One Response to “Knowing Who we Are…Is Knowing it is within….”

  1. Annemarie Says:

    I am certain that throughout all the learning and growing you have been through, you have shared one important message that you have been mentoring with:
    Be open really opening your heart to changing ourselves.
    You have give this for years now and you understand God is in us all and you live it even through big obstacles.
    Thank you Peter
    We are all Gods and this understanding always come from within us all, as you have shared with us, so many times, with your very simple message in your book, The Five Pillars of Relationships.

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