ALL Taxes Will Be Reduced….

Will the NDP HAVE a platform to Reducing taxes… & stimulate small businesses to grow, while at the same time increase the middle classes incomes earnings!?

Will the NDP, fight for lowering taxes across the border and even push cities and municipalities to reduce property taxes?

When will there be an NDP GOVT that cares for the needy, seniors, the single mothers & fathers, our honored homes and helping the needed help for those on the streets near Carole James home and my one. We are all part of the solution. Let’s find time to keep the riches flowing in everyones lives continued opulence to all and education that is pragmatic open learning and increasing awareness in our world.

Well, no Govt can tell us what schools are best for our children but they can make sure our water ways are clean, no sewage in our oceans and no boats dumping sewage in the oceans. Ah, Vancouver it’s going green? Really? Sure making the roads more congested and idling vehicles with it’s stupid road construction for more bike lanes and limiting vehicles is helping us go green?

What about the northern communities or those poor families who have to scrape another extra $5 to $10 on buying a phone at London drugs. A lot of thinking to do. I do know we have solutions and I wish you all the very best to finding them. Not an easy task ahead. But freedoms are to be given to the people of our great America’s and all nations of the world. And when we reduce taxes AS ALL Governments WILL, we will see increase revenues in the long term to all who pay the price of being in public office. I commend you and send you all to have big dreams and larger visions for our British Columbia and our far away land that so many fellow Americans are seeking to move here for it’s fairness and peaceful state of affairs.
Good day.


Peter Sammarco


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