The Etheric Brain & Its Function(s).

The Etheric Brain is nonLinear and is VERY Fast…..We are all Infinite Love & in Valuing all that exists MUST come from an inner Knowing and understanding that we are all one and in Being human, we realize and become aware and observe that we begin knowing, we are more than being “a person.” Actually that is not who we are! Our inner ENERGY is who we really are; we are becoming a part of what we are inside and attract that which we Are INSIDE. The Kind of thoughts we have we create by being in tune with that invisible inner guidance that is within each one of us….

WE can call it the ELECTRO MAGNETIC FIELDS….that are invisble….by looking at these closer we can start to understand how thoughts came from or originate from….or at least contemplate their existence within each one of us once again….


One Response to “The Etheric Brain & Its Function(s).”

  1. Sheila Laureta Says:

    you got that right .. I agree

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