World Energy Congress Montreal 2010: the Source must be recyclable energy.

We cannot have a discussion about sustainable resources, or how we fight for fuel, without looking at the GREEED that comes from this constant attacking of one another. When there are many thinking money must be the problem (which it is not any problem) to finding sustainable resources; just look at the Fuels being created today that are reproducing themselves into circles/cycles of life energy vs linear…in our thinking of the USE of ENERGY….
Right now here in MONTREAL the World Energy Congress 2010, is still about linear forms of Fuel, where one is still not looking into the new fuels being created right now that will change the way do things forever.
IF this Congress really wants to look at, Accessibility, Availability, Acceptability, Accountability then one must Consider Natural Fuels that are generated through the cycle of Life and thus nonlinear in its approach to ENERGY vs this congress of Linear thinkers, that create GREAT inventions, but lack the depth to CHOOSE what is right:
FUELS that SAVE and HELP the ENVIRONMENT…..cyclical forms of ENERGY Fuel Building.


3 Responses to “World Energy Congress Montreal 2010: the Source must be recyclable energy.”

  1. John Says:

    This energy crisis is a a big lie…We have all the resources to have new forms of energy now, easily.

  2. Jen Says:

    You have shown us new ideas and you have finally shown what few will! Thank you PETER….

  3. Justin Says:

    I have found that economy is not set do deal with improving humanity but rather to buy more products to thus produce more as you mentioned at your talk.

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