Steven Goldhar…..

Steven Goldhar has shown many how important internet marketing is, to exposing your product or service. Doing it with ease and with a good track record that produces results Sundance Media Inc and Steven Goldhar are sharing something that is advancing the company and exposing its new idea to mainstream society. He does this so very well and shares his work with little effort and brings new approaches to what it means to have your BELIEFS shared with all of humanity, all in one package we are calling our own.


One Response to “ Steven Goldhar…..”

  1. Carol Lemieux Says:

    Today I received an email ad from, ]using a name taken from my email address list. The email was supposedly from someone taken from my email address list.

    How the hell did obtain a name from MY email address list?

    This is how operates. Stealing personal information from personal computers to advertise to the recipient (to get me to open it). Hint: this should be ILLEGAL Hint: Do you think I’d employ a firm that uses these kinds of tactics??? Answer: absolutely NOT!.

    I intend to post this practice on social media to warn consumers about your highly questionable “ethics”.

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