Helping others to make money

When we help one another think outside our box and break the mold of social conditioning we begin to realize the power of having a healthy ego. All this talk about our ego as being bad is nonsense. Our ego helps us become aware of our conscious….something my friends & I agree & are in harmony with:
a healthy ego is needed to grow, developing ones self and enhances ones awareness. Neil Goldhar, wrote a great book on how the ego is a healthy part of our existence. Look him up & buy his book! I love him like a brother. (EGO’s Way: experiencing greatness only, Neil B. Goldhar)

As another very beautiful friend puts it: an ego helps us to question the established order & to advance, one must question authority and social constructs that need changing and are archaic or untrue. For example when Copernicus looked at the stars and planets lining up in a different way than society was told, a creative ego said, wait the earth does not revolve around the sun, but rather it is the sun, not the earth in the center of our galaxy. But how did the sun be known to be in the center vs the earth?!
By a Genius with a healthy ego who questioned beliefs and wanted to expand excitingly what needed to be discovered. Look at fuel for instance. As my good friend asked if I have seen an article that discusses how fuel consumption can become a cyclical cycle versus the linear one we have now. That’s a top for another discussion….



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