HEALING ourself: HealyourSelf, Aging is a process that is keeping us ….?

WE may all know this,
“Ideas do not come from us, They come through us.”
As My good friend has shared today,he knows the fine line between that which is shared to Benefit all of humanity and those who really are only Parasites.
Healing comes in seeing the weakest link healing the area needing healing…..Look at any type of wound….What part of the body does the healing? Is it the strong part of the body or the weak area? Think Closes and observe someone in pain in the bed before dying….Think about this now…Thus healing is what?

My Sister Who Passed of Beta Thalassemia Major at 14, Knew she was going to Die as early as she could understand DEATH. YET, Though through all her daily pain and difficulties, no one in School really understood, nor her teachers. In fact the ignorance of Isbaella’s Challenges made it even more difficult to understand, because she looked NORMAL and many thought:
“How is she going to die? She looks like every other kid in school. She looks healthy and lives a normal school life?”


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