Anything is POSSIBLE with a TRUE FRIEND Like All our own.

I real Relationship must be exciting in stimulating and Creating Great Awakening to what is REAL.

BOTH must be conscious of what is in them and how to CONNECT to a GREATER MASTER MIND outside of their individual BREAD ALONE mentality….We are one, But only what is the part that CLEARLY awakens our SOUL, or allows us to SEE how little we know.

A true friend wants you to Succeed, & knows anything & everything is possible….  As I went to see a good friend, succeed, he does the same in his thoughts towards what is our actions putting into play by seeking GREATER AWARENESS of who we are and how we are all EVOLVING:

As Henry Thoreau, puts it so eloquently and a good friend pointed out last weekend:

“How can we remember our ignorance, which our growth requires, when we are using our KNOWLEDGE all of the time?”



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