REGARDING Mr Tiger Woods …. Relationships and Divorce…..

When WE Realize the POWER of Forgiveness we Transcend all KARMA and Move forward…..We all have, now or then, done well things that are not perfect. EASY to look at someone and point the Finger, when there are three other fingers pointing at you.
We do not know the WHOLE Story; that Never makes it right. But When we understand that EMPATHY is VERY difficult for any Mature relationships, we will understand that REAL Love is an ACTION VERB and NEVER a NOUN, as my friend Wayras has shared ….



4 Responses to “REGARDING Mr Tiger Woods …. Relationships and Divorce…..”

  1. Michele Says:


    agree with your friend….that love is a verb it should be expressed love is an expression

    • petersammarco Says:

      Yes love is an action verb and not a noun or just a feeling. It also requires deep meaning a maturity to reach this level with plays games as so many do. I am in a profession where I must recognize other peoples games. But for those who play games will soon find out, when you play the game be sure to know that one will be caught by the game. I am aware of many games people play but observe and yield them into health morals values and principles.

    • petersammarco Says:

      Love is Not an expression, it is an action verb an act from deep integrity of someone

  2. petersammarco Says:

    Love is an Action verb not a noun Michele as Wayras has pointed out.

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