True Friends are Beautiful Followers of Honor.

A dear friend is a personal commitment to grow and develop one another to be more of who we are in each others presence.

Longer the commitment and loyalty we have for one another the better the understanding of each others needs in serving each other and learning and understanding one another.  When we develop and see the potential to understand and be life long students with our friends…we give and give by being who we are and knowing who we are, we are guiding each other to Self Mastery and Genius all within us.

True friends care about our well being and want to see each other succeed as I feel about my friends…

As another friend put it:  your friends are those who love the parts of you that other people hate…and so we see the all facets of others and seek to Prefect our inner Selves vs others….

Hence,  to be a friend we must allow others to see who we are and be friend by allowing in those we know we can trust, honor, take an oath of commitment to each others dear hearted dreams while at the same time KNOWING our own autonomy and Believing in our world…are friends will believe in their own.


5 Responses to “True Friends are Beautiful Followers of Honor.”

  1. Sheila Laureta Says:

    Thank you Peter, I am your friend

  2. Ike Jakson Says:

    I noticed from My Blog Stats that you visited me and when I dropped in here I was honoured to see one of my Posts as an Automatically Generated.

    This is a beautiful Post and “I wished that I wrote it” would be an appropriate use for the old cliché.

    My work is sometimes serious; often really; but you will find my ideas similar to yours on many occasions, Friendship is one of the most precious things in Life but, as I read you to imply, that we must accept each other without trying to change one another.

    True friendships are rare in Blogging but I am fortunate to have made a few. If you would like to “check me out” so to speak I shall gladly send you a few links because I would certainly like to read more of yours.

  3. Justin Says:

    Peter your ability to explain the complicated into the simple is very good and believable.

  4. Peter Says:

    The beauty of friendship is the loyal commitment to living by principles and thus creating an alliance of peace, purpose, inner strength,soul-filled growth, intelligence and inner knowledge shared with respect, admiration, self confidence in each other; encompassed with the compassion of giving & receiving that outweighs any judgement criticism or condemnation.
    – Peter Sammarco.

    Merry Christmas. 

    Loving thoughts,

    Peter Sammarco.

  5. Wayne Says:

    This message wise and clear Peter. Thank you for sharing. See you soon. Aloha.

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