Inter Faith Weddings

I consider myself Spiritual in my own faith and love all kids, family and personal inter action that is of Benefit to all.  When TWO marry and have a wedding of inter faith and BELIEVE in one another, I see love in action.

Even in Schools, many people come from many faiths and many religions and some none.  However, LEARNING from one another comes in ALLOWING one another to SHARE in their inter faith experience and thus religions of any kind is saying the Same thing.  When we believe in God or one power or in a Supreme Being, infinite power within us all….We are saying the same thing.  To Learn and grow from each other… is KEY….


One Response to “Inter Faith Weddings”

  1. Joi Says:

    As an adult with some age (but I’m not telling), and hopefully some wisdom, I have come to understand this concept. However, I must also recognize that as a parent, there is the potential for confusion on the part of the child. I have seen many couples of inter faith marriages chose no faith upbringing in an effort to be diplomatic and not offend the other partner. Subjects of God have been kept quite generic and have lacked an intimate relationship that we all search for in knowing our Creator.

    If, on the other hand, the couple agree to raise the child in one faith or the other, the child is at least given an understanding and endearment to a God that relates personally to his children through the relationship that is, hopefully, taught by both parent and religious education. Both knowledge and understanding of faiths, both our own and others, bring unique blending and we find that we are not so different after all.

    Our tender and loving unique spirits, all made by God, is what unites us in the end.

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