Can we see what is going on with our Education system?

Who Controls our Educations System?  And who wants us to believe what?  What is the BIBLE doing out of Schools?  But, it’s still better to have a bible in the Schools vs not having any religion!

OUR Children, By all Means Must learn about all religions of the WORLD and ALSO, LAUGH and Deal effectively with all relationships in their lives, with compassion/empathy/understanding.


One Response to “Can we see what is going on with our Education system?”

  1. Justin Says:

    I think people forget that one is connected to God in/on so many Levels and that it is the use of any idea that matters.
    You taught this so well to my kids and to my whole family last weekend. Also, how we use a concept is key, as you shared with me today Peter. Thank you! We need to accept all people and getting to know them is important, no matter their background. You care about all people and your message does truly allow all people to call back their spirit. As you said reclaiming the Soul, to what is true for them; and as you said, all the Laws are the Same; we need to and have to learn them as equally as the math tables or reading a book, children should learn about religion as we as understanding Nature. They are equally part of the God that as you write, “resides within us all.”

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