The Law is not the Word….

“You must have long range goals to keep you from being frustrated by short range failures.” — Charles C. Noble

As we gain knowledge and understanding of what Truth is to us, we look DEEPER into what it means to all of us….

As a good friend, said (I’m Paraphrasing him):  Peter I am not into Saying  “the Truth of life is” …. but I question my motives and intuition to make sure I am not using my thoughts and intuition as excuses as to not learn and grow when a situation seems Difficult.

He even went onto say that in some way we sometimes try to use our intuition as an obstacle to our own Growth; for instance….my intuitions says that I shouldn’t go out today to meet….So an so, But in reality we are just using this as a safe haven not to Grow….

We all know REAL Growth can be a struggle and difficult, as is making time to study, learn and DEVELOP ourselves.



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