2010 World Cup Soccer… can the French even win?

Does anyone remember the attitude of the French when losing to Italia in the 2006 World Cup?  Does anyone recall how France lost yet their arrogance got them more attention, saying that Italy’s win was a poor second cousin to Frances “elite” team of excellence; yet they lost to Italy.

Look at what is happening now in this world cup, 2010!  Again  the so called better team, France in their Lose to the Swiss…or was France really better?   How does ones not acknowledge the Italian world cups win, by going to the politicians and getting media attention for their own errors…..Head butting a player was not exactly a good move by Frances soccer player….and now we see Frances true colours:

incongruent team; lacking synergy and hitting and elbowing players….Hmm sound familiar; this it the same team that was saying they could beat ITALY and DIDN’T.  Now in their game to South Africa with they are losing 2 nil and the French again shared their true self and even got a red card….

I guess what goes around truly does finally go around ha? Or as we say in CANADA eh?

The lesson is Clear, when someone really tries to make others look bad, then it is sure to be the same people who are hiding something themselves….



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