Wind is AMERICA’s Greatest Resource…..

Using wind and Solar is the Key to North and South America’s future.  In the USA alone, there is underneath this cloud of uncertainty one formula still under utilized: WIND.  The United States HAS more WIND than any nation in this world…As does many parts of CANADA….But if you look at USA, it’s the CAPITAL of a resource that can change lives forever.  We must undertake the GREATEST industrial revolution KNOWN to MANKIND TODAY….The Fine resource of Wind/Air, Sun and Water.  In Vancouver, BC alone we have enough wind, beautiful breezes from Hawaii and abundance of Rain and snow-capped mountains really to deal with all environmental issues.  WE do not even need to Soak even one more tree in water or destroy even one more area of Land on this planet by building electric dams or other environmentally destructive forms of electricity or energy.

WIND is the ANSWER to many of the Futures problems.  Wind is what oil is to the Middle EAST.

SOLAR is also the KEEPER for sun worshipping places of America.  ALTERNATIVE FORMS are around; now we must create the jobs and resources to begin this new age and era in time and use science and technology to change the world we live in and continually making it a better and healthier place to live in, STARTING NOW: Today.


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