Mastering Thyself, through books, reading, prayer, concentration, meditations and Stillness and Inner Silence.

My Friends are like my mentors: Together we learn and grow and we help each other reach our greater Selves.  For instance, when we meet with friends ie Wayras shares his wisdom, and we share together ideas, diagrams, options and continually asking questions.  He shares and masters his material and I ask questions, or vice versa.

Another Great things is to make time to just be Silent.  Silence is Powerful. (I share that a lot in my book: The Five Pillars of Relationships: only $15 on Amazon or our website or every major bookstore from Chapters; Indigo, Coles, Borders, Barnes and Nobles and even funny locations, like Moody Park Massage, gas stations, Kiosks ect).

You will notice also, in cities, we have seen throughout the world, where meditation classes are being taught or Yoga, CRIME, has, god willingly, gone done! Why?  Because when we are more in tune with ourselves the energy field effects everyone around us.

And there are lots of Scientific studies that proves all healings, are occurring throughout the world through higher levels of personal awareness and more introspection and “inner glowing” appearing throughout the world today.

Reading good books helps me a lot:   Reading about business and finances and improving our bottom line, and back end or front end.

I love to read about political affairs, international corporations, international trade and logistics, to the coral reefs of the world, or science and the Brain and great writers of our time(s).

I am enjoying many moments of peace through prayer and greater moments of understanding and living at peace through thoughts that are bringing inner peace to all around us, starting with ourselves.

When I make time to SLEEP, I know I also dream and really see and visualize many options during my waking state and sleeping state.

Concentration in my reading also improves my effectivenss on daily talks, tasks and life’s general productivity increases.

We can go on & on with examples, but we all get the picture:


prayer: as I do sometime almost a whole 24 hours of prayer(s).

reading a variety of topics (especially those subjects we want to improve in…)

concentration through breathing, [prayer], meditation, from walking, to silent moments with God within us all.

Remember in Silence we find a lot more about ourselves than in any other time in our lives: like a garden, we cultivate.

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2 Responses to “Mastering Thyself, through books, reading, prayer, concentration, meditations and Stillness and Inner Silence.”

  1. Steven Goldhar Says:

    Thank you Peter for these very helpful suggestions!!

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