Successful Positive Attitude.

Maintaining an attitude, where we are happy, making others happy, will always make us happy. When we make others happy, we will be happy, Period. The way many look, to create a positive attitude, is by being around those who are surrounded with the same or better attitude than themselves (yourself).  Some of my dearest friends are those who have been able to get beyond their “stuff”, or “challenges” and when I call  or meet with them, my friends are sharing openly, love and care for their friends, and are always “intimate sharers” (and good energy of integrity)  of ideas, thoughts, feelings and always living by a set of principles.
That is part of being around good people who care and have a grander understanding of living and believing, learning and growing everyday. Today we have access to the computer(s) and we can even look up Almanac and encyclopedia questions we are wanting to understand. That creates prosperity and infinite abundance to all of us. When we are willing to expand our minds into fields we do not understand, we will have a more enhancing and advanced outlook in life, well into the next life. (By the way which is my topic of discussion, next time).  Expanding the mind, is the key here and being aware of how much we can learn everyday will also enhance a positive outlook in life.  How we orchestrate our thoughts in our minds is the key to all of our success; and being aware of what we hold onto and let go is the key. (Letting is also a large topic to be discussed in my next seminar on April 21st, 2010).
Also, keep in mind, when we see someone with a not so good looking attitude in life, I mean real bad attitudes, like grumpy or mean or just naggingly negative about everything; it is then you know these people are not taking care of themselves. When we talk to ourselves and take care of ourselves first, then we will always maintain faith and a Successful Positive Attitude.
Well off to work…see you later!
(C) 2010, Canpeace Consultants Inc.

“Bringing People Together” (one person at a time).

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2 Responses to “Successful Positive Attitude.”

  1. sheila Says:

    thank you Peter for you energetic encouragement. I am leaving the Rocky Mountains and heading for Los Angeles in a few days. will stay in touch much love Sheila xo

  2. Becky Says:

    I have found that obtaining a positive attitude is something that you can obtain in even the most dire circumstances. For instance, a couple of months back, I was hating my job… every day was a challenge. One day as I was blog hopping around trying to find help with this situation. I found Denice Kronau’s website which was packed full of information to help me change my attitude toward work. It is amazing the difference an attitude adjustment can make. I no longer hate work!

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