Casual Sex….Does not exist.

We may believe that when we have sex with someone that “it’s CASUAL”.  But we are not aware that it is not the Sex that is Casual, it’s the Relationship with that Person that is CASUAL.  Sex is Never Casual; it is the MOST intimate act between Lovers.  Listen Closely to this Radio Broadcast and find answers.


2 Responses to “Casual Sex….Does not exist.”

  1. Carolyn Lewis Says:

    A sexual relationship is the most intimate relationship known to humans. It requires our heart and souls; whether we admit to it or not is irrelevant. Just look at the difference between severing a relationship with a friend or co-worker verses severing ties from a lover. We even use the expression” ties” because sex ties two people together. Imagine you and your sexual partner being wrapped together with a rope that securley ties. Every tie requires knots. Now you seperate from whomever after sex and you have to work hard to undo the knots and release the ties.
    Sex is the most intimate bond that exists and is meant to be expressed in a safe trusting secure relationship. This is because we are vulnerable at this level of intimacy because all our protective emotional walls do not exist anymore. We become one physically, emotionally and spiritually. Nothing seperates you from eachother. When you have sex you bond at a higher level of being. So when the sexual intimacy in a relationship exceeds the trust and committed love level an insecurity, vulnerability and wound is formed. Let me explain. There is a tearing apart that happens because the sexual intimacy has created a very strong bond. Bonds are called bonds because they are not meant to be seperated. When you bond two pieces of ceramic, metal, wood or whatever you either have to tear it apart or break it. Who wants to be torn apart and broken inside?
    When we abuse our sexuality through participating with many multiple partners we loose our ability to understand and feel intimacy. If there is no intimacy there is nothing special about your relationship. Sexual intimacy no longer exists if we share it with everyone. Let me give you an analogy. If you have a secret and you share that secret with everyone is it still a secret?

    Sexual bonding leads to the ultimate bond of love which is bliss beyond this world! Thank you for reading.

  2. Carolyn Lewis Says:

    …let me restate that. Sexual intimacy in a trusting honest and committed relationship leads to the ultimate bond of oneness in love which brings freedom and bliss beyond this world!

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