Understanding one another.

“Seeking inner guidance we allow ourselves to follow our hunches, instincts, intuition.  Every great leader knows to do this.”

-Peter Sammarco

I remember studying, going to University in Japan, and wondering my family in Japan was learning about the west as I already knew the east well; I had been studying Asia for many years and had already returned to the Asian Continent before, doing business with the Indonesian; Japan; Hong Kong; and Mainland China.  I even Majored in East Asian Studies, with a minor in Japanese Studies.  Whether we study Pacific Rim Studies or Pacific & Asian Studies, as I did, “We learn an important lesson”:

In Understanding Life we meet the East and the West, with Empathy and a willingness to understand one another; this level of understanding will help us all prosper.


2 Responses to “Understanding one another.”

  1. sheila Says:

    I agree Peter, when I lived in Osaka Japan, I discovered the Japanese were very interested in learning about the westerners ways as I was theirs. We both came away with open hearts and a deeper respect and understanding. Happy Easter Sheila oxo

  2. Janice Says:

    we understand each other well

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