Trusting our Friends

Trusting comes from those who have EARNED it!  To Ask someone to Believe a person of lies, continued control of real facts, and manipulation, and even allow these actions to be a part of any relationship is impossible to ever keep together for long.

Again Trust is Earned by those who live with integrity and from a person who is living a balanced life and will always be certain to listen to others with compassion for all, yet be able to admit their own mistakes.  I have one dear friend who comes to mind who listens and cares and judges me with his love, loyalty and respect.  He does not condone my actions, but Trusts that I will get through all my own ups and downs.

One who truly cares lives a life of helping those he knows advance in their life.

Any woman or man who asks another to Trust them, without having earned it, IS ONLY lying about their intentions.


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