The Olympic Spirit with Friends….Olympics 2010 Vancouver, BC Canada

The Telephone Call came in!

” PETER, what are you and Debbie up to today?”  Sylvester asked.

A good friend from our school days, went on to ask whether we might want to come out and watch the the Big hockey game between the USA and CANADA.  We did;  and Debbie came all the way from SEATTLE to Be here to share time AWAY from work and enjoy the Olympic spirit.  We had so much fun sharing the most Valuable thing possible: TIME. The sign of Good relationships, is found in SHARING and Being together. The Whole Receiving and Giving in all good Relationships with friends, as the ones here.

One of my dear friends Wayras said,

“You know what PETER I was walking to work … and All of a sudden during the Game  WHEN CANADA Scored the Winning Goal, you heard….”WHAAAAAAAAAA”  the bursting sounds and ROARS felt throughout the Sky; the vibration effecting everyone:  Even the usual woman who roams the streets with a sad look on her face was walking with a smile on her FACE….”

The Etheric energy of all the PEOPLE effected everyone…even those unhappy were effected by the Vibrational high etheric energy…as were friends and strangers, oh, Connecting once again.  Can we all Believe in something outside of ourselves and be connecting to even a greater Power within us all?!



3 Responses to “The Olympic Spirit with Friends….Olympics 2010 Vancouver, BC Canada”

  1. sheila Says:

    you look so radiant xo

  2. Steven Says:

    I am glad you made time to talk about what it means to be in a relationship. Janice and I both enjoy having some time with you to discuss our relationship with you. These Blogs have been helpful, practical and insightful. You are a very caring man who understands what it means to be “a good friend” to others. Thank you from both of us.

  3. Janice Says:

    You care so much for your friends Peter. That is GREAT!

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