Caring about others….KNOW THYSELF

Sadly, some people want relationships that they can manipulate and control.  I have had such Clients; and they will LIE all the time to try to get whatever they want.; yet every move or no move is made to deny the other to really ever to get to know their true intentions; such tactics from telling bits of Truth hidden with Lies, so one only sees them as honest.  However,  such psychotic clients using “the mouth” to share words, or to be living by such high levels of  “Integrity and Honesty” do not even come to mind, as a way of life, let alone even Value. What they cherish, is power and CONTROL; we have businesses and politicians and people who live their whole lives to take away someones power: that is their whole motive.

It is good though, such people are good teachers in our lives: Being here in this world; they are here to teach us what we value and are wanting to really be creating in our own world; for we are BETTER able to understand what we want in life by experiences and situations we have seen or that we did not enjoy experiencing in our lives….once that experience is over; we can be asking ourselves to be living a more empowering quality of life, by learning and growing everyday!  From this, we successfully improve our standard of living by living from this new place of infinite learning, growing, personal integrity and Self Esteem.  LIVING with PRINCIPLES that will allow us to BE at PEACE with our CHOICES in Life.

You see some people want to have so much control in their daily lives and in yours, as to not being “exposed”.  They will NEVER reveal their true identity; the role of a dark angel is they like living this way right now; and will manipulate and choose power and control any chance they can get. For example, you have heard of the woman or man who tries to put you on a leash; literally!

Or, for example, those who live more like animals with no moral stance; and truly Believe we really are just animals!  Be aware of such people who think that thinking this way can do no harm…some have no conscious ever; and you can see this attitude being passed on from one generation to the next:  I have had such clients that moral truth or ethics all of which I value, were not even on the radar for themselves.

It is my professional stance that matters.  But some live to be and act like animals as an excuse to kill another “animals soul, power or mind, body and spirit.  BE REALLY aware of such people in your life.  And the Best way to deal with such anger, and power and control, IS to FACE IT….No one can control you if you face them/it.  What one Faces, will, BELIEVE me never, ever control you.

Questions:  How do you deal with those who are unable to be open and truthful?

REMEMBER if you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything.  Keep your eyes open or have at least one eye open while you are sleeping.

Truth is the key; yet some value money more than honor, respect or courtesy, empathy, and self-confidence.

The Latter Five are All of which are the working definition of a Mature person.

Caring about others will always make oneself happy.  Start first by taking care of one Self then the latter will become easy.

KNOW THYSELF.  As we have heard before by our famous three monkeys:  Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.

Believe in YourSelf. We will create in our world that which we are.  Be honoring the Qualities in yourself and you will attract those qualities in others.


PETER Sammarco

(C) 2010 Canpeace Consultants Inc. Peter Sammarco. All Rights Reserved.


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