What will happen to the Flame after? Does it really matter what happens?  I found out that it will be lit for special occasions.  Like what, Women’s day?  That is an important day, but then again maybe that needs to be everyday….I do find myself missing the ocean and real nature amongst all this fuss over a flame that is good…albeit, I even ate my pizza over moonlight? no…the flame….ha ha fun yet appealing….one couple watched me as I was having fun watching the flame while eating my pizza….ah how romantic…Dinner over the 5 big candle lights….representing the 5 continents of the planet earth: our world.


9 Responses to “The OLYMPIC FLAME…..”

  1. sheila Says:

    greast photo. lovxoe your sense of humour. xo

  2. dulce amor Says:

    you have a great smile that great reflexion of your heart i heard your radio its owesome i like the reality of your story and message it touches my heart keep up the smile makes you more handsome

  3. Svetlana Says:

    Nice photo! Thanks for sharing your great smile and thoughts with us! hugs

  4. Hi Says:

    Wd luv 2 c the photo!!xoWendy

  5. vicki Says:

    Great photo of a great friend…Peter. I love your smile and having pizza by the flame is fun!!

  6. vicki Says:

    Happy News….Americans now get Health coverage with Pre Existing health problems, kids are covered with parents health plan intil 26 years of age, and people without health coverage will be covered!!!!

  7. Tami Says:

    Peter your smile is much brighter then the flame behind…also I like everyday being womens day!!! Blue Skies!!! Tami

  8. Lori Brodoski Says:

    Beautiful picture. Those are really big candles for a romantic dinner. I hope someday we meet.

  9. Carolyn~ Says:

    Just don’t eat your birthday cake under there. You won’t be able to blow out your candle flame!. …just like the flame in your heart; UNQUENCHABLE!
    Thank you for lighting my flame!


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