Let the Truth be told: Women need to be empowered.

In my seminar next month, I will be talking about the importance of Women:  to Reclaiming their POWER.

When women are truly free then our world and all thoughts of true prosperity are Created.  To be free from all fears, worries and doubts, guilt, anger, daring to fight what one believes in is a key factor.  But we must all see that minding our own business is the answer to nothing.  We must unite to bring women the real freedom they are looking to find right now.


3 Responses to “Let the Truth be told: Women need to be empowered.”

  1. sheila Says:

    I totally agree xoxo

  2. John Says:

    My wife has been asking me to tell you that….with all your help, and what we have learned, has become a better woman. Your books are really helpful and we know you have done a lot of good to all humanity, but especially to help many women to feel good about what they are wanting in life. My wife is pleased. Thank you PETER

  3. Janice Says:

    I have come across worldly traveller but wu who, when I saw your seminar on women being empowered, I was amazed. Eh, what I read so far has shown all of us in this office, that you CARE about the rights of women. You have proven yourself as a man of integrity. We value and cherish your way of expressing your charisma and charm. You really must have been a good brother. At this office, you are welcome anytime. You have shown us that you care about others and that you really want to help take away peoples negative thinking. Furthermore, you even went on to share that “negativity is a sign that one is not taking care of themselves”
    So True amongst women: we are always feeling guilt about something.

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