Heath Care in The USA…it is about time!

ANY NATION MUST Realize the VALUE of TAKING CARE of its PEOPLE…the PEOPLES VOICE has been heard and now we will have what is needed in this world; Available healthcare services to Those who need it the most, but are not covered.


3 Responses to “Heath Care in The USA…it is about time!”

  1. sheila Says:

    once more thank you very much for speaking on behalf of the people cheers xoxo

  2. John Says:

    In Yesterdays seminar you mentioned the intentions of Leaders in office and how their roles are tied to whom they have paid and who they are associating with; I found your TALK VERY inspiring and makes me think about how many many leaders are misunderstood, as well as only here to fulfill their own personal agendas. You went on to say it is possible to make sure our voice be heard and I feel the masses with your help will speak once again. Now is the time to hear all of the voices today. Very truthful speech you gave Peter; thank you.

  3. Antonio and Ada Says:

    You care about the people and your message; speaks well to all of us here. Your Ideas will help this beautiful world.

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