2010 PARALYMPICS Christina Gilbert’s Torch Run. ~

A wonderful loving and appreciative man named PETER JACKMAN sent me a GREAT Video, that I believe he produced himself, (or another like him that is a great creator and great creative genius; a wonderful person), for an amazing beautiful woman , with empathy and a listening ear to all around her: Christina Gilbert. Just watch how she touches everyones soul and how others are appreciative of her lively energy and presence.  The Camera man did a GREAT job of Producing and putting this together. Thank you PETER and to whomever the Producers are of this GREAT VIDEO!  AGAIN THANK YOU!  ...Just Incredible!….

Make sure you watch this wonderful Video:



2 Responses to “2010 PARALYMPICS Christina Gilbert’s Torch Run. ~”

  1. sheila Says:

    happy to see you in the video. I was very touched x9

  2. John Says:

    Peter: you inspire many and you have help my wife and With this video; but most importantly with your private sessions; we are a happier couple now, thanks to you. Thanks for sharing this video with us on your BLOG. The man who made this video is a special guy as you said; now I must agree with you!

    John and Helen.

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