Work Related Suicides: Self inflicted Deaths: G-8

Russia suicide rate:  32.2 per 100,000 People.  The highest among the G-8.  This must be addressed when the G-8 meet in CANADA!

ITALY with the lowest at 6.6, England with 6.7.

Germany: 11.9

USA at 11.0 per 100,000 people and Canada at 11.3 per 100,000 people

France at 17.6 and

Japan Just behind Russia with 24.4.


Sadly the effects are not purely emotional but reflect a growing PROBLEM of  how employees are TREATED in the work place.   EVERYONE wants to feel a sense of BELONGING, in whatever they do in life; but workers or corporate culture is dictating a code of  ethics that is not  follow then we are all in bigger conflict then we think.

Anything we do, we all want to FEEL a sense of Belonging; and when one talks less to us at work, or takes away our power, or position or even our role in the company. Many become lost, confused and shunned amongst other workers in the same company.

But who makes this happen?

And how can we STOP this from happening?

A True Leader knows how to make another feel good and also will help advance all the people within the company.  A person without feelings as we know is just psychotic.

A manger who is not effective at helping those in the work place are usually seeing our Company, Canpeace Consultants Inc., to help them with their team building and their own personal goals.

One dear friend of mine shows such LEADERSHIP in his position, yet he is beyond what he is doing and is always advancing improving himself through personal advancement.

As we call it…our friends are our Coaches and Judges us with







and healthy does of self-esteem

and self understanding that is always on the ball to give, share and learning and growing together.

This is always very contagious.  THE KEY here is Cooperation, as well as Emotional MATURITY.

That I do best: to help those go inside, release negative thought patterns, addictions and look at what are their number one priorities.

As my friend Wayras, said ” sometimes we need to say no, to say yes to a bigger goal/purpose”  YES  MEANS saying yes to a healthy life balance that we increase the quality of Life, by reading books that we can call our mentors and be learning from friends who care about us.

As our motto in our office are, our Mission and Vision Statements:

People don’t care how much I know, until they know how much I care.

Promise A lot, but Deliver even More.




2 Responses to “Work Related Suicides: Self inflicted Deaths: G-8”

  1. sheila Says:

    thank you dear Peter for sharing your truth and your passion. xo

  2. Svetlana Says:

    As I’m russian and go there from time to time, I would like to say a couple of words about Russia.. Besides it, in Russia increased quantity of people who wants to move from this country forever together with family, business, money. There are some most important reasons:
    corruption (people do not feel protected)
    wrong leaders (otherwise corription did not exist)
    weather (the coldest region is placed in Russia in Yakutiya where temperature arrive till -65 C, even in Moscow where I lived, in winter there are -35 C and in summer +35 C. And characters of people “cold” and “hot” at the same time)
    Etc etc
    This is not only my opinion, opinion of many russian people.

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