Was this a DEMOCRATIC MOVE Mr.Michael Ignatieff?

Dear Michael Ignatieff and to whom this may concern:

I am interested in the man
Michael Ignatieff and the party and I’d be honored and would like to know him and the Liberal party better.
First I have a few questions if you could clarify:

Who appointed Michael Ignatieff as the leader of the Federal Party?
If appointment by whom and is this protocol? Is it not mandatory to have a leadership convention?
Also I am wondering Who appointment him?
Michael Ignatieff appointed by the party itself?  Since Dion stepped Down I have not heard of any LEADERSHIP Convention, in regards to picking a new leader. And Since I want to understand Michael Ignatieff and his intentions it be an honor to hear from him personally, in regards to this matter.

Sincerely with
Love and Light,

Peter Sammarco

== Peter Sammarco ==

Peter Sammarco is the  world renowned author of “The Five Pillars of Relationships,” with his second book, “The Power of the Present Moment” Currently being used by statesmen/women and politicians financial advisors & businesses worldwide. Peter’s books and hundreds of inspirational seminars effortlessly pull back the curtain of truth, and then show you how easy it can be to enter the magical chambers of love that await you there. It only takes a page or two to realize Peter’s style is unique: personal, passionate and intense. In person, it takes even less time to recognize a man full of love for others and, unashamedly, for himself. Drawing on his own personal odyssey of relationship challenges, international cross-cultural studies, and business consulting, Peter Sammarco holds nothing back in his relentless efforts to transform lives in practical ways.

He ran for office in October 2001, under the motto of wanting the peoples voices to be heard once again. Since then he is still believing in a political voice represented by the people: Building and “Bridging Cultural Diversity” by looking at the commonalities we all have, and thus, still “thinking globally while acting locally”. He is exploring ways in helping others to be Living a  beautiful quality of life rewarded with integrity and honor. He continues his Path of Truth through all his works.  He Believes all riches are coming to those who are living from a place of forgiving, others including themselves.   (http://Petersammarco.com)


5 Responses to “Was this a DEMOCRATIC MOVE Mr.Michael Ignatieff?”

  1. Steven Says:

    What you are asking is so true. There was no leadership convention, other than a gathering of liberals in BC; but that was not a liberal Leader convention. Sad to think that this man may have been appointed by Obama’s team since he was a professor at Harvard University.

  2. BOB Says:

    This man Lacks any balls. He is just the arm of the American president; you are right he was never Elected by anyone, and I am a liberal supporter, but not anymore. They are just ruthless like all the other leaders before them in the past several years. I am disappointed with the Liberals lack of vision or plans. I will be voting Volumes for a new party that can help this country grow in the right direction. Right now we are doing well, so long as we can keep taxes down and interest rates savings up, we will be in a good place for a very long time, as you said in your most resent seminar.
    You are Right! Keep the Vision alive SAMMARCO: you are finally making sense and you know what you are talking about. Keep it going Chief! You are Very Charismatic and you will go places with this!

  3. Tanya Says:

    I feel you are onto something. I received your e mail this morning regarding this matter and feel it really bothers me that he was never really Elected and still own a liberal members card but find myself leading towards the conservatives.

  4. charlene Says:

    I was shown to a beautiful website today. My sis pointed you out, You will be a first stop in the mornings! Thank you.

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