Our Public bathrooms in Vancouver….and tax payer DOLLARS$

I wonder….if the Parks Board of Vancouver is unable to Take care of Public bathrooms, just imagine and think of how they take care of our Tax payers money?  It is Time we have a VOICE that is willing to SPEND the MONEY where it needs to be SPENT:

1.  Cleaner Water WAYS…Ocean Liners and Boats need their Toilets drained by the same PEOPLE who drain toilets for constructions sites…portable toilet rentals are CLEANED BETTER than water ways, oceans rivers and OUR SEWAGE PLANTS across CANADA!

British Columbia NEEDS to LEAD the WAY for CLEANER SEWAGE TREATMENT and our MAYOR of VANCOUVER can SEND a MESSAGE to ALL parties in POWER:  IF the MAYOR OF Might Vancouver wants to BE GREEN then do the RIGHT THING!


We want to SWIM in our beaches from JERICHO, to LACARNO, Third beach, second Beach. Spanish Banks, Amble Side ect, with CLEAN WATER…..NO MORE sewage Dumping in our water ways anymore!

Look at IONA BEACH (in Richmond on Sea Island) on IONA ISLAND Near the  Vancouver international AIRPORT!!!

STILL spitting our SEWAGE into the OCEAN or the SEWAGE PLANT at the END of Gilbert Road in Richmond BC; still not FULL TREATMENT OF SEWAGE!

Victoria! WELL my friend in SEATTLE has Boycotted ever Visiting Victoria BC because the Sewage is not even treated at all!


One Response to “Our Public bathrooms in Vancouver….and tax payer DOLLARS$”

  1. pointblankcreativelp Says:

    Hey! Check out this video about privatization of water and the Victoria sewage treatment plant…

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