We are the Creators of EVOLUTION: one person at a time.

“The More things CHANGE:

the more things stay the SAME.”

Politics of TODAY is NOW what it was during the ROMAN ERA.  People are still people with parents, partners, or delightful tax paying citizens all Listening to the same fine young men and women in office who are LACKING the Courage to REALLY heal the WORLD and REALLY make it a BETTER PLACE…for all of us in this world.  When we see through their intentions we must look at what we can do.


But we can do one thing today that we have never been able to do before: we have CHOICES and those CHOICES are to make all Citizens of this world, CREATORS of EVOLUTION….We can CHANGE EVOLUTION, with ONE PERSON…..YES that is right with one person, ALL of our CREATIONS are CREATED BY US!  We are one, but we can also change our WORLD…one person at a time.  Thus, one person can change evolution, then we all are here with our powerful presence, presently to look within ourselves and live from the/A PLACE of inner PEACE and PROSPERITY and POWER we ALL have.

“Being the Creator of our own World BEGINS within us.” http://www.HealYourself.ca  http://www.FivePillars.ca


“In all thy Getting, Get UNDERSTANDING”


All rights Reserved.   (C) 2010 Canpeace Consultants Inc.


One Response to “We are the Creators of EVOLUTION: one person at a time.”

  1. Ilona Says:

    We need NEW politicians to make this a better place. Why not run for office yourself??? You are most likely to be honest & do our world a Great service.

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