Reporting the Truth & Reporting the NEWS…For Ratings.

Someone earlier was debating the intentions of the NEWS….Which I agree the News wishes to KEEP ALL ratings up if possible and Fox news has done this well and even has Fox news in England now and has taken precedent of other news sources; albeit a bit harsh in its tactics yet fun stories that people like to watch, even if you are not in agreement.  For example, once Fox had Phil Donahue on the Show….and I believe in what he stood for, but Fox was bashing him in the First DEGREE; but then again, I have seen CNN  have some biases towards those who go too far to the right…so who is right anyway. I am kidding, that is; we cannot take anything too seriously.  Especially in politics and the news.  They are all having fun doing what THEY LOVE!  Doing is better than not doing.  But I have to add that some things that we do might either bring PEACE, or it might Bring Chaos.  Either way the universe will Restore back to its place: the middle.  Though some may not agree with MEDIA reporting they are doing their JOB with Creativity and real ZEAL….I admire all sides of media and I am fully aware of the Challenges of REPORTING, since some of my dearest friends have very desired roles and important ones in Media.

Reporters  report and create dialogue, not the NEWS itself.  The News is the story. For example if Tiger Woods, did not want to live within the confines and rules of being in a faithful loyal marriage then why be in it in the FIRST PLACE!?  Sadly people forget that how sometimes the “media” is being bashed yet they are JUST REPORTING what is THERE in front of them: Democracy at its finest.

AGAIN, That is the KEY: Creating Dialogue.  “The News”  itself does not Know how to Create Dialogue; it is in the Business of REPORTING the NEWS. Actually the responsibility of the News is to REPORT. If one is not doing what they are doing it would not be something that one might report. OF course they WANT and BELIEVE in RATINGS…it is a NEGATIVE society and many People are only now becoming aware of their NEGATIVITY and WILL begin to SEEK news that reflects their NEW DESIRES…..

Hence, “Choosing the TRUTH” is a willingness to Listen to one’s Self and be willing to Grow by going beyond petty desires, gossip and blabbing about or “chittering” about nothing.  As I was talking to a dear friend…we know that the key in life is to get a healthy does of the spiritual part of our life, combined with Science.



One Response to “Reporting the Truth & Reporting the NEWS…For Ratings.”

  1. sheila Says:

    that MAKES sense to me

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