OBAMA’s Fight Against FOX is a waste of Time.

Sadly when a politician THINKS, He/she can alter the Face of Media when reporters are doing exactly what they know best: “Reporting the news” writing and talking about what they are seeing and what is happening….  Anyhow,  I was talking with a friend and e mailing another, thinking that in my opinion Canada is one of the most peaceful nations in the world.  Even though we make many of the DEMANDED nuclear parts and substances.  Needless to say, no one seems to report how we are polluting the world with dirty oil, or the build up of arms created in our own back yard to sell to other countries.  As the saying goes: All these just increase our GDP/GNP.  Well back to the Topic.  Integrity must be told, or wait, truth be told, sometimes We need a network that will keep ALL our politicians accountable for what they say, do, and create in this world.  They (Politicians) are bound by citizens that want to be heard and more often also want action.  So Obama’s actions against FOX news is really a waste of time and neither his efforts or his political will can change what news does best: report the Truth, one day at a time.  It is Fair to say that integrity comes easiest to those who share and write their stories that reflect the needs of the people or the majority.   How can we move forward if we are not allowing all forms of media into the meetings set up by the Presidents themselves?  DEBATABLE.


3 Responses to “OBAMA’s Fight Against FOX is a waste of Time.”

  1. sheila Says:

    sorry Peter, can not wholeheartedly agree. I stopped listening to the news, News can be biased, dep0ending on what side you agree. They are paid to create ratings. drmas etc…….. I would rather believe one on one dialog. love and peace Sheila

  2. petersammarco Says:

    That is the KEY….Creating Dialogue. The News does not Know how to Create Dialogue; it is in the Business of REPORTING the NEWS. Actually the responsibility of the News is to REPORT. If one is not doing what they are doing it would not be something that one might report. OF course they WANT and BELIEVE in RATINGS…it is a NEGATIVE society and many People are only now becoming aware of their NEGATIVITY and WILL begin to SEEK news that reflects their NEW DESIRE….

  3. sheila Says:

    watched the movie AVATOR again today. Now that mad sense to me. much love Sheila

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