Transitioning from Military Life to Civilian Life.

I few years ago I was asked to Create a book and speak with men and women wanting to Transition back into civilian life.  I have since helped soldiers to Deal with a smoother Transition into a a new life as a civilian.

The talks with such men and women has always been very rewarding. My approach has begun to reach world wide attention.

Sadly, too often we forget, the brainwashing that occurs in getting young men/women recruited into military life.  Once “out” the transition is hard, tough to understand and at times many are unwilling to look at how they were manipulated to BELIEVE that war was worth letting all your guards down and “fearing an unknown enemy” … and to Kill, thus, basing one’s own countries success on the Number of people we can kill, really makes little sense don’t you think?

How many wars are we fighting now in this century alone to accomplish what?  How can there be any PEACE in a man’s or woman’s MIND where there is a constant fight to Kill the enemy all in the name of helping another persons LAND on behalf of the government that has taken ones soul.  Who has chosen to give their soul to a government? What have we done as a country that allows a group of people in power to sell their soul to fight? Where has ones soul been given to?  Who has the power to give away ones soul?

Do you see what I am Getting at here?

Let’s Find a BALANCE where we can HEAL the WORLD by healing ourselves, through mature principles.

This I do in my seminars and in my books and sessions with such men and women still fighting all the thoughts they have in their heads and all the friends that one lost in combat.

Nonetheless, we are a creator of our existence and we must CHOOSE Wisely.

(C) 2010, Peter Sammarco.  All Rights Reserved.

2010, Copyrights reserved, Canpeace Consultants Inc.


6 Responses to “Transitioning from Military Life to Civilian Life.”

  1. sheila Says:

    Thank you Peter, We all need reminded of this truth. War is senseless and useless, there are no winners. This is our Planet Earth and we are ONE family., love and peace Sheila

  2. sheila Says:

    It’s exactly how I feel. Too many senseless deaths because of war. We are all one earth family. A Mother’s heart for her child is the same in every country, Peace and LOVE Sheila

  3. sheila Says:

    U too xo

  4. Vicki Carrell Says:

    My son was in the Navy, both my sisters husbands in the Army, and my Niece Jaclyn’s husband is serving in the Army in Afghanistan. I do not believe in war! I find it to be senseless,heartbreaking, and wish for peace. I pray for the ones serving in the war to come home safe.

  5. Ilona Says:

    As you said at your seminar Peter: “to have peace in the world we must start with our own families in our own livingrooms”. You are right! Yet, you said, “so many are competing for power and control and share very little concern to helping others to be happy. And to be happy one must make others happy” You understand and live this well. You must become our President. You can lead others to choose peace vs. war! Thank you for coming to our city.

  6. Ilona Says:

    What I meant was thank you Peter, for “coming to our city” typo above. sorry about that.

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