The power of our silence

  • Silence is all Self  Understood.
  • many  and all answers exist in the ether of life.
  • when we listen we find answers to all of our prayers.
  • if our intuition is our inner voice talking to us, then we know our thoughts are our prayers, believed while put into action.
  • Action is the Key Behind all Silence.
  • The inner Self listens Closely to The Power we all have within us.

2 Responses to “The power of our silence”

  1. sheila Says:

    thank u xo

  2. Ilona Says:

    Thank you for calling early this morning. you have help me Salvage my family and I realize how important it is to stick with it…as you put is so well in your book, The Five Pillars or Relationships, “The long the wait, the bigger the prize”

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