Who are we when we say: I see you!

My friend and I have been contemplating what it means to be mature and he came up with a Marveleous dictionary defintion and one I respect and know to be a perfect definition of maturity.  We all have different definitions of words but the best bet is to look them
up with a good friend and a good dictionary in mind and talk about such words like: peace and love; which by the way are synonomeous; as are faith and self confidence.
Can we see how we all have different lives wonderfully put together by the choices and decisions we all make, seperate from others …zeal is needed and a synergistic point of view perceived by a compassionate Nature to see good in all regardless of their behavior.  Some become more aware as time goes on but it is those who look in the mirror everyday and every night and ask, “what have we learned today that we did not know yesterday?” This reveals the truth and integrity in us all.


3 Responses to “Who are we when we say: I see you!”

  1. wendy glavin Says:

    I don’t agree tht love/peace and integrity/faith r synonomous. One can hv peace with another without love and one can hv integrity with no faith. Integrity comes from core values within oneself; values such as honesty, dependablity, hard-work can exist without faith….

  2. petersammarco Says:

    Knowledge without experience is philosopying
    Experience without knowledge is Ignorance.
    Thus wisdom is a combination of both.

  3. sheila Says:

    yes, I agree—-‘I See U’

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