Trusting YourSelf.

We begin to understand that true self always resides within. To look for externals or outside forces to achieve greatness is only to lose ones soul. We all have the answers within us; and the true kingdom or inner intuition is all within us; it is not in the opinion of what others say! It is not in the hands of loved ones who think highly of you and me. You must trust yourself and in doing so you will be seeking the Genius that is in all of us. Wait no longer but know that once we begin being still , we seek in all of us the inner strengths to Trust ourselves and our inner callings.
We are one and all of us here can be who we really are: we must be aware and listen and Trust ourselves when we ask questions thus revealing in all our lives important answers. TRUST who are you is what I am aware once and for all: we are all one eternal being of body, of mind, and spirit: we know that in us is all that we will ever need to know. But we need so many people to help us get to where we want and need to be;  but first we must trust ourselves and our own visions and dreams: Thus we create our own world, as I speak about in all of my books, and many more to come.

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5 Responses to “Trusting YourSelf.”

  1. petersammarco Says:

    Thank you: you inspire with your words and comfort Peter!

  2. Irene Says:

    Your new book is incredible and recently I saw passages from the pre release Copy sent to our company publisher!

  3. Peter Sammarco Says:

    It’s been a good yr and it’s getting better with gods help
    Everyday keep
    Growing and learning and keeping modesty & humility at the forefront love and light Peter
    Ps go see Avatar

  4. sheila Says:

    very refreshing

  5. Shawn Says:

    So easy to read about the way things should be, but I have a daughter, and 7 lost siblings who like throwing me under the bus. Name calling, etc. What does this really mean? I seek Gods help always, I can’t help what the think, but I’ll pray that they seek ………………

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