Cherishing how we are all Living our Lives.

When we Allow ourselves to be Creative and Just Be ourselves, we can Be…one with all of our thoughts, feelings, and be willing receivers of living a life of fully abundant material Wealth.  We then Know, “Being Aware”, that we are Creating this wealth and we Continually Create from that inner Awareness of inner Wealth or inner resourcefulness!  That is the KEY of Life.  KNOWING and BEING AWARE that we can be and do anything within our own POWER, of HOW we IDENTIFY ourSELVES!

We can have anything we  choose to identify with.  But we are not the physical or material substance that we think we are; but rather a Great void of the time and space of the universal consciousness we call Life.  Simply put: are we all Gods? Are we All Making choices that bring us Peace? If so, then we know who we really are is Divine!

~Peter Sammarco

((C) Copy right 2009, PETER SAMMMARCO)


2 Responses to “Cherishing how we are all Living our Lives.”

  1. Patty Alt Says:

    Life transforming words. thankful Peter for sharing your wisdom!

  2. Peter Says:

    You are welcome Patty ps talk to you soon blessings xo

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