Being the Creator of Your Own World: The Five Pillars of Relationships, By Peter Sammarco

The Five Pillars of Relationships
Being the Creator of Your Own World

A new book to be released that captures the imagination of all ages and
of all perspectives.
This book is one that will change the world with its
simple message. A message that is honourable, kind, loving and if you are
willing to change has simple suggestions that will make change easy.

Every time someone labels you or judges you, know that is not “Where you
came from”, but that is their stuff and their judgments. Every time we
judge and condemn we are moving away from unconditional love. We sometimes
fear to see our own light and love to look at others people’s darkness
versus their light. We need to see the good and see the good in others in
order to see it in ourselves. Love who you really are by going within. We
need to love who we are and in doing so, in loving ourselves, we grow.

When we avoid changing others, we grow ourselves. Mature love comes from
working within ourselves. How are we going to grow?
How are we
going to invest our energy, time, and thoughts? Are we growing emotionally?
Are we learning from our actions today? Focus on today, and where we want
to be! How do we choose to grow? Are we happy where we are? Are we looking
to change by looking at changing circumstances or by changing ourselves or
others? Our circumstances are created by ourselves and we need to change
our own vibrational connections to our words that come from the Spirit to
change our desired outcome. The outcome flows as we flow, with no other
objective than loving, caring, and understanding one another with
compassion and forbearance. If our words do not condemn, there will be no
need for forgiveness. Know we are all one with the Spirit.

Oneness is created from the Spirit that creates all things, becomes all
things and is all things. The Spirit is responsible for
all that exists.

When we have self-love, we allow only love to enter our hearts. Our
integrity and self-love will prevent others bringing us down. Laughter is
important, and dancing 20 minutes a day is important to build lasting
relationships with one another, with a loved one, a couple, et cetera. Hugs
are very important as is touch, which brings us alive. Hugging increases
our hemoglobin in our body.

Remember to laugh a lot, for it heals our spirit-soul.

Forgive Thyself: We need to Visualize ourselves as already complete, and
know that the Divine is working through all of us. Therefore, forgive
thyself for harbouring negative insignificant feelings, thoughts of others
and hateful feelings towards everyone, including ourselves.

That is not who we are; our Judgments only show how we negate others with
these categorizations and labels which in turn define us only as
individuals who spend valuable energy judging versus caring, loving,
connecting and understanding others.

When you feel upset about what others have said knowing it is their
judgment of you, just throw it away like a stone into the ocean, for it is
not yours to keep. Throw it in the ocean to forget it.

My point is- How will one know his or her self when they are so focused on
looking at others? It is so easy to look at others and point the finger
at them, but remember any time you are pointing a finger, there are 3
fingers pointing back at you. So it is best to do the pointing inward.

Who Am I – Where do I come from is something that is explored in Chapter
Know Thyself the Beginning starts with this valuable Jewel:

We are unique and need to find and search for the purpose that is waiting
inside all of us. We need not even search just listen we need not even
listen, just find, we need not even find just know. For we already have
everything within us. It’s within each of us, the uniqueness to create
miracles. Our feelings, thoughts, and words are our prayers, so select your
thoughts carefully. Believe in yourself and know yourself, for in doing so,
you know the Spirit that resides inside yourself.

In the Beginning everyone is For-WARNED that in our experiences we shall
find our Infinite Divinity our Father, or ecstasy Residing within. It
will Never Be found in a Room outside of us, but rather from a room where
the windows and doors will open from Within.

Back in 1998, I wrote a poem that I sent to Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra; a
month later I received a postcard, from the Chopra Center stating that they
want to put this poem “We Are One” in their community website which can also
be found our website: , where the book The Five Pillars of Relationship will be
released in North America on May 5th, 2005:

We are One

The blue sky
Way up high
Is one with us
Shine and fly.
wrap your thoughts
In beauty and see
In the end
It is all within
We are One.

We care for one another and love one another as a family when we think of
others, live in this moment and give love from the heart. What we have is
love, so let’s give from that love and thus we know Ourselves completely.

The Next Chapter, Master Thyself, discusses our ability to rule our world.
Know ourselves enough that we Can Master ourselves, but we do this by
healing our past and letting go of it with love. We are Transcending “Karma” or
the past through Forgiving others and ourselves:

ONCE we take time (and we choose) to Forgive ourselves we learn that
STARTING with ourselves is the one key to success, but ultimately
forgiveness is the key to affluence and wealth, Success in our lives.

A Bold statement is made at the Beginning of Chapter II Master Thyself:

‘Heal your past and you have mastered yourself through Love and Forgiveness.
Our compassion to ourselves and to others heals our inner world. That is
true success and that is Mastering Th

When we CAN Give to ourselves like this we have entered Chapter III
Give Thyself:

By saying hello to the person beside you and offering what you can your
kindness and self Love will generate inner peace. Tell the person who is
sitting beside you, your name and introduce yourself as well. This is how
you spread peace in the world. Peace truly starts in our own living rooms.
As we start with ourselves, we can give to ourselves and then share that
peace with others.

Psychology alone without love expression leaves no room to grow and no room
to release the heart from its chains and bars to inner-personal
growth. Love comes with feelings. Ego goes only with thought and
calculating one’s next move. Where is Peace in that? Only love guides us to

Psychology alone does “nothing” for anyone. Knowledge without spirituality
is just wasted knowledge.

This inevitably will Manifest itself into Love, which is the Core of Chapter
Loving Thyself.

Real giving is easy; the true test is to receive. Do we
allow ourselves to receive? Do we accept other people’s kindness or do we
doubt it?
Always Believe when someone does good and doubt when someone has nothing
good to say; this is a great golden rule. Love Thyself enough to Receive

And thus we Know the Power of Loving Thyself completely with equanimity.
May we all love one another equally from our heart and never from our
judgemental minds. What creates judgments creates turmoil in our bodies and
what heals is never our minds but our hearts. Our bodies create judgments
and our mind calculates and organizes things into neat compartmentalized
“areas” that generalize. Words are based on logic and reasoning that leads
to “illogical” answers to very “simple questions.”

So Trust Thyself Completely to OBSERVE the Knower who follows you wherever
you go. As we do so, the Divine reveals itself with Love, understanding and
inner peace and joy, when we believe:

In the fifth chapter: Trust Thyself, in sharing this further, to believe in
one self is to Trust the infinite Divine within you, guiding you wherever
you go.

We build Self Worth and Self Esteem by building ourselves up, by praising
who we are and what we can be. It’s that simple. Yes, it all starts from
Within. We are One.

Remember, Repetition is the key to learning. Repeating to yourself
something over and over again will reinforce it from your surface of your
mind into your heart, where there is instant and constant permanent change.
Repetition is the ultimate key to any fundamental learning. If you want to
remember something, it must be repeated at least several times a day. Why
not repeat to yourself Forgive thyself
ten times

This will transform you. Just thinking of someone you love will
instantaneously heal you and your body because the feeling comes from your

Visualize Peace as our Father does. Love Thyself and see yourself as a
person who you Love. Feel that feeling of love for yourself right Now, just
today say “I Love you, (blank) and see how it will transform You.

Love is simple. As is Peace, understanding, and forgiveness if we use them
Long enough and often enough. We have been so conditioned by negativity
that we learn and find it so much easier to focus on negativity, that when
we hear about love or peace, we become “pessimistic” (another negative

Catch yourself and see how just by asking for God’s guidance you can stay
with Peace all the time. When we love ourselves peace comes
naturally! We are rich when we love ourselves.

Put yourself in a state of Readiness and Breathe. Take a deep Breath first
and allow yourself to Come to God. God is in you. So close your eyes and
feel the presence of God working through you and guiding you wherever you
go. Listen, stand still and listen to God in your heart. God is with you
wherever you go. Know you are God, and you can do anything.

The Root to Cultivating Love
How can we love each other? What is the root to loving one another? To love
the ones we like or love? Yes, that is part of Love. If one wants to
cultivate Love, one must and needs to Love those you do not like, that is
the root or the purpose of LOVE.

Life in its essence is loving one another and giving to others our
self-worth and love that emanates within us all. Life is truly about
giving. When we Love ourselves, we Love our world.

Happiness comes in caring for others. Bring peace to the family by finding
Peace in yourself. Listen to what other people feel. Truly listen and care.

Nothing you ever face can ever control you “Close the door to the past” and
Forgive Thyself and,
“I Cordially invite you to Make Love to Life.”

“Respect yourSelf and Know you are the Creator of your own World.  When we honor the Greatness we all have inside of us, we can then honor it in others as well.”

(All Rights Reserved 2003-2009 © 2003 Peter Sammarco)


2 Responses to “Being the Creator of Your Own World: The Five Pillars of Relationships, By Peter Sammarco”

  1. Nikki Says:

    This book is a MUST HAVE in your life! I have been dealing with an emotional merry-go-round with my brother going back to IRAQ for his second tour of duty. My faith was tested. Sleepless nights, headaches and heartaches began to dwell in MY SPIRIT. MY SPIRIT was restless and seeking answers to find PEACE and SOLACE. I read this AMAZING and LOVING BOOK. The eruption in MY SPIRIT began to fade away after finding comfort in this book. I had to find peace from within myself…ALL OVER AGAIN. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE TO READ THIS BOOK!!!

    Thank you, Peter.

  2. sheila Laureta Says:

    Peter, it is always a gentle reminder to re- read these precious words
    and I remember. thank you much love Sheila

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