What to Believe we are……? I AM…..I am ….

What do we ask ourselves before we go to work or meet a friend?

And who do we Create Divine connections with in Business or Friendships?

Be friends with those who Create to be better than yesterday growing Daily in their lives.

Sometimes, we are not able to understand how our own power creates these miracles. We all need to Begin the Journey of Self Discovery and BE AWARE of WHO we are and BELIEVE and KNOW we are all connecting to ONE UNIVERSAL PERSONAL PRIVATE POWER. What we give to others, we will receive; what we give to ourselves is a reflection of what we are inside and that is what we will attract  and believe in who you are is a GENIUS!  We all ARE!



Believe in the Greatness we all have and give from that place: like a shipping and receiving department.  Honoring those around us and the honoring of thySelf completely.


5 Responses to “What to Believe we are……? I AM…..I am ….”

  1. Patty Alt Says:

    Love it!

  2. Svetlana Says:

    There is always something to make grow in ourselfs or to correct in ourselfs: mind, soul, body.. Somebody does it naturally as got it with blood of parents or given education, somebody needs do some efforts to grow, somebody needs to work hard on it, and somebody doesn’t want it at all.. I appreciate your help to those who need and want to do it!

  3. Vicki Carrell Says:

    WHAT WE GIVE TO OTHERS…I feel good in giving… just like you said Peter. My most rewarding jobs were working as a : Special Ed Para Educator teaching children k-12, CNA Nursing at a Veterans Hospital and a Case Aide working with a foster child. My rewards were a hug from a child happy to see me, a foster child telling me she loved me years later…when I called to see how she was doing, working in a Veterans Hospital and holding a hand of a patient..resident while crying.
    I believe my purpose in life is to help make other peoples life’s to be better.. by caring, giving, and doing good to others and the earth. CONNECTING TO ONE UNIVERSAL PERSONAL PRIVATE POWER.

  4. Peter Says:

    You are doing the right thing Vicki love and smiles from the wild wild west looking good Peter feeling better

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