People are looking for Change…

When we look for change “out there”…we are really not doing any great service to society or ourselves. Change is willingly possible by Changing who we are, and looking at who we think we are. Our Character is to be built on Principles of Integrity and to Live by these, We are honoring each others lives and especially our own.
Cash in on success, by changing ourselves versus others, and ultimately we change our world.

People of all types of careers know that when we are in tune with our own Selves: our Intuition and gut feelings we are better capable of creating success in all of our working environments. One Friend, I know well is good with his Mind and we Talk and connect to discuss the deeper reasons of MASTERING ourSelves and Knowing who “We really are is DIVINE”; and all We need to Do now is, Choose based on our own Free Will. Whether we are looking  from either, one, within ourselves or two, outside of ourselves, we are making a choice!

That choice is, which ever one of them we make, is shaping our lives. We are thus creating our Destiny based on how we see ourSelves. That is so important. Thus we need to be aware of WHO we are, and we will be making Choices bases on the LEVEL of AWARENESS we have about ourselves and those in our Society.

I made a choice last week, not to go to Australia; and I know that I made the right decision. I did not change anyone in the decision, I just followed my uneasy feeling I felt inside. One choice was making and creating feelings such as, fear, uneasiness, and creating all these dizzying poundings in my head, thus I realized all that time that I was making the wrong choice: it was bringing me turmoil, understand that the Chaos was the opposite of the next best choice: PEACE.image109
I will discuss this in more detail next time.

~ Peter Sammarco


One Response to “People are looking for Change…”

  1. rockhardlady Says:

    So you changed your plans as I was on my way there & then I was unable to make it. I am so sorry. Also were you 3 men playing on the swingset?

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