Education of the FUTURE.

We must be teaching in school the understanding of government and what is its real purpose;

Real Education is helping all of humanity to understand that we are here to become closer to ourselves through inner growth. Real education must help those in school be higher more AWARE Self Esteemed individuals.  The creation of education must also teach the balance of all faiths including the teachings of many Asian Eastern Ideas including western and especially those of the Native Land one is living in: for instance the aboriginal rights being taken away from many to control and conquer through the lies and not maintaining TREATIES that were made between the Native Indians and in many cases British (Canadians) of that time in British Columbia. The spirit of Native Indians is FAR MORE ADVANCED than ANY from the WEST! This is just one example of many.

We also know that the use of drugs in school is common, yet the pear group one is a part of  will either vary whether the use of drugs will even ever occur, or how frequent its use.  The use of drugs were all part of, (especially among teenagers), the beginning of the growth of seeing what is good vs not so good to do or use.  This is also a part of education to teach about Sex, drugs and pregnancy to all students.  Help those to understand what it is to be in a intimate relationship with others, whether with our friends, loved ones close to us, family and couples to name a few.

The direction of allowing children to LEARN from their development of their intuition and being in tune with their gut instinct is also very important; since we know of many who do not know that real friendship in school are those who allow you to be yourself and accept you as who you really are versus what others children want them/others to be.

This is all of  importance, including many other things effecting a good Educational Future.  Understanding MATH, Geography, physical education, the arts  and SCIENCES is good, but what matters most is how willing we are to BE guiding children into fields that help them be in tune with what is their calling in life.  WE CAN CREATE our own life; this CAN be taught in school as to how to make wise decisions in life, with certainty and confidence.

THIS IS ALL PART of EDUCATING the FUTURE Generation to come on planet earth.



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