We are all here to help the Middle Class Grow.

With a Healthy middle Class we will have a healthy Society.
But as the middle class weakens or lessons we are in big, real big trouble:
-one, the middle class pays for feeding the poor.
-two, the rich hire the middle class to work for them.

When there is no middle Class who will take care of the well being of seniors, for example, the aging parents,  or children with mothers who are living on the poverty line, and all the poor families with little to eat!

In the UNITED STATES ALONE, more than 35,000,000 Americans suffer from some mental illness.
And 1 in every 8 in AMERICA struggles with Hunger!  Feeding our families is IMPORTANT.  And feeding ourselves healthy foods is vital as well.

I thinks it is time we look at our Agenda here right now!  A society that seeks PEACE will be a RICH COMMUNITY.

Hence, what matters most is a healthy middle class….not taxed to gain power and control over its money; since we know how much money is being spent on Committee meetings to disagree and agree only to be asking for more money!

We NEED LEADERS who are HONEST and will Increase spending, in educating the public on Having Healthier Life Styles.

Ie: Eating good foods; Healthy attitude of ones Self; regular fitness routine like walking after meals for a few blocks is a start.

We all know that spending is not the answer, but taking a look at the current circumstances someone better start taking the LEAD


I am willing to Run this country and province with PRINCIPLES of honoring others and peace and success that is built on caring about others from all sectors of our society!

Let’s help each other Grow and make sure we are not taking on all the risks to just help each other gain power but to help one another live a more healthy life style.  And we will BEGIN BEING  “aware of the choices we make, do Create our Destiny.”  PETER



5 Responses to “We are all here to help the Middle Class Grow.”

  1. Vicki Carrell Says:

    Everyone should have Health care, food, shelter. Working as a Case Aide for a Foster Child with mental illness, I believe people with mental illness should have the help and medicine if needed for daily living. To just throw them on the streets is not going to solve the problem. Homeless people need a place to stay to clean up, get a education, and help to look for and get a job. The right tools!! I agree with healthy eating and fitness start with kids, being 1 out of four is overweight and this causes health problems as they become adults.

  2. Paulie Says:

    What we need is honest politicians who mean well and help the poor and all of the needy while stimulating the economy you said with just and healthy programs to all in need. You also said to create a new society that creates wealth to serve all

  3. Paulie Says:

    Lowering taxes is good as you mentioned Peter during our talk that lowering taxes means lower unemployment, and more money in citizens pockets

  4. Barbilyn Says:

    I found your message very inspiring and to the point. This is the message we have been waiting for.
    Thank you Peter.

  5. PETER Sammarco Says:

    How can we choose peace when there is so much Chaos around us? Well, How do you feel inside? We get what we are thinking and deliberately feeling inside.
    Ps we are making and changing ourselves, thus millions are being effected by our actions.

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