What do we Value Most?

What do we value in Life?

Friendships? Well, what does that mean to us, in deeper terms?

Friendship: requires, loyalty and commitment  long term.
RESPECTING one’s differences with ACCEPTANCE.
People Who I call my friends, first are Loving the parts that others hate.

– Have integrity and give more than I give in the relationships.
– Honest and growing together comes in asking and sharing ideas we Give to one another and we hopefully become better people from our challenges; knowing we have a friend who cares about us, whatever the circumstances.

– I value HONOR, Honesty with integrity, Loyal friends who know how to give and receive freely.

Friends help each other to grow; and we all Know that real Love requires that we give our relationships the Freedom to flourish.
Love is FREEDOM.

I love those who Allow me to be MySelf , thus in giving me my freedom we can easily find ways to give each other the same “Baron or big shot image” we need to making Big Ideas come true.  Thinking requires friends who want the same for you as they want for themselves.


These are just a few things that you know I see as important in life with all my friendships and relationships in my life.


6 Responses to “What do we Value Most?”

  1. Carmen Says:

    Troubles with boundaries and accertiveness has always been an issue with me. I find friends who know what they want and have many good qualities but don’t use them for good. They are willing to walk on you because that is what has happened to them. (beat you to the punch theory). Acceptance is something everyone looks for and it is a bad habbit to get over. Judgement is how many live. Why? Fear of commiting is not something I want to do but one can only be burned (so to speak ) so often before he or she removes the hand from the heat.
    Carmen Sandbach

    • petersammarco Says:

      WELL SAID CARMEN! I love your wisdom and understand that you have learned through your experiences. I know just the persons who behave this way. And it boils down really to so many elements you just mentioned in this SHORT but YET TRUTHFUL statement!

  2. Vicki Carrell Says:

    You write about …I love those who allow me to be myself. I feel accepting, forgiving, respecting, not judging people, are some of the things I find helpful to live with day to day. I like to find the good in each person I meet, people are beautiful when they give, understand, and are caring about each other. Life is a great gift, caring, and giving makes me feel good about living. I want my friends to have wonderful life’s and be happy, friends do help each other to grow, freedom to flourish is a wonderful thing.

    • petersammarco Says:

      Thank you Vicki: the Truth is sometimes others want to Change us vs. accepting us as who are. But that is a by product of not appreciating and accepting ourselves. You Soul knows Best, not some expert….Seeking the Truth within ourSelves we will find the inner Peace we are all looking for…Seeking it outside of what know is trues a delicate balance of the material and invisible all form and all from God: the universal Being.

  3. Michele Says:


    I too feel trust is earned, but I feel trust should be given openly when you are looking for a friendship or relationship with someone. Having said that, you need to trust yourself and having made a space of trusting yourself, you allow someone to trust you and you in them.

    When I enter into a new relationship, I look for someone who listens well and doesn’t impose their own judegements on others or myself. I look for someone who is accepting of my own flaws. Sharing and being honest with one another and being open to each other is so crucial .

    When all these attributes add up, these are the people you begin to trust and love. Friendships or relationship that develop into deep trust are the ones that love you from the heart not the mind and trust and love you enough to accept the light and the darker energies of the friendship.

  4. PETER Sammarco Says:

    You head in the Right direction when you live the way you love and live Michele! you have the tools to move mountains when you allow yourself the ability to Know when to trust your gut instinct and when it is off….you listen to the signals before making another move!
    That is always BEST!
    Also we all have Flaws…that is what we here for: …. “TO Mastering ourSELVES.”
    I love you just the way you are Michele….you got it going on well here…Believe in Yourself and all of your abilities.

    Sending Love and Laughter filled with Happiness,


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